Monday, April 09, 2012


It's so true that the more I tangle, the more I see the potential in patterns all around me. I catch myself mentally deconstructing them (whether I want to or not) to figure out if they can be broken down into simple steps without too much effort. That's the trademark of a good tangle pattern. If it's a nonrepresentational pattern- and it can be repeated easily and consistently in a limited number of steps- it's a winner.

I'm calling this pattern SNAFOOZLE because it ought to have a name, but you will notice it's got strong notes of Munchin and a fruity Tripoli finish. ;o)

Here's the original pattern that inspired me (and thanks to my mom, who gave me the box!):

And here's the breakdown:

Sorry, I fell off the red marker wagon almost immediately. It's still pretty easy to figure out the steps, though. Just make sure your first set of loops resembles a triangle with one slightly rounded side and run with it.

For those who like a tighter, neater pattern, I tried a version of Snafoozle within a Tripoli framework. And I have shamelessly erased my pencil lines. 

I'm very sorry about that.

This seems like a good pattern to put within other patterns. Or color in... or make ZIA flowers out of... or add PERFS!

This is what I mean about never knowing when to quit. White space? Not for long! I'm actually considering drawing betweed on every white petal shape.

I did warn you.

If you try this pattern, please show me. And if you think of an easier way to deconstruct the original pattern, show me that too.

One more thing...

...and a few variations to go with it. 
Inverted, 'cause I can.

Have a nice week. With no tornadoes.


UPDATE: The SNAFOOZLE CHEAT SHEET: Using Tripoli as a template.

Well... at least we know I named it appropriately. :o)

[sna-foo, snaf-oo]
noun: A badly confused or ridiculously muddled situation.
Synonyms: snarl, bedlam, tumult, disarray, disorder, confusion, mess; foul-up.

Some thoughts on detangling Snafoozle, if the first explanation doesn't jive with you: 

-It really does help to keep Tripoli in mind when you're drawing this pattern, because the shapes fit together similarly (Think of each cluster of loops as one shape). 

-You can always add a loop if you need to define your triangle shape a little better. 

-As a training/practice exercise, try drawing Tripoli lightly in pencil (slightly oversized) on a sheet of paper and practice fitting your loops within the triangles of Tripoli to get a feel for the way they fit within that shape. 

-Keep in mind that the points of the loops loosely converge, not in a corner or on one side, but somewhere in between. 

-Also, just like Tripoli, once you get a few rows out, you might have to split some spaces into two sections instead of one to keep your loops from getting too big. Too big means looser loops and less control, and then it gets harder to figure out where things are supposed to go.

-If you get some gaps between your loop clusters, take advantage of that and draw an aura in them. It makes gaps less obvious, and it still looks pretty. Honest.


  1. I love it! So simple but with so many possibilities - I can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. OK going to my table now to give it a go. I may have the same issue with keeping it in the framework. Thanks for sharing your deconstruction and congratulations on a great new tangle.

  3. I think this is going to be my new FAVORITE tangle. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Very nice! Shall add to my ever-growing "to try" list. Thanks!

  5. Great new tangle, Sandy. It's pretty tricky... but it's so pretty (and versatile) that I'm determined to master it! Thanks for the tutorial and your variations.

  6. It took a little bit of practice but I love it! Lots of potential.....

  7. Thanks for Snafoozle, you stay safe we do not have hurricanes in South

  8. This looks like a super dooper pattern, with soooo many variations! Thanks for sharing! As well, I love the name you have chosen !

  9. What a fun pattern with variations galore! I can't wait to try it! Thanks so much for sharing!


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