Monday, September 30, 2013


Hi friends! Long time no blog. Merryweather is a new Bales-based pattern I've been funning around with. Hope you like it as much as I do... I uploaded a monster pic so you can click on the image and see the details.

A few drawing tips:

• Some patterns look ok with a wonky grid, but this isn't one of them. Try to get your lines evenly spaced. Draaaw sloooowly. 

* When in doubt, use a finer pen. There's a lot of teeny detail here that can get lost if the lines are too thick.

• In step 4, it's easier to control the spacing of the lines if they are drawn from the curve to the middle instead of from the middle outward. Same goes for the teeny lines in step 5: draw from the outside toward the middle.

• If you make your curves too wide in step 2, you will lose some of the room you need to add the details in steps 4 and 5. 

• When you draw the ( )s in step 3, you're not drawing from one 'intersection' of the grid to the next. Only halfway, from the fattest part of the curve.

In a tangle with other patterns...

with color instead of shading...

...and one with another variation of the pattern in it.


Happy tangling! If you like this pattern and want to share your art, please post it here so I can see :oD