Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Get-well wishes for Mimi (the band-aid project)

As many of you know, my mom (also called Mimi by her fifteen grandchildren) had pretty major surgery at the end of August, and the six weeks since then have definitely not been the best of her life. She is on the mend, though, and doing so much better. No more TPN-- the home care nurse removed her PIC line yesterday (guess this means my 'feed bag' jokes have finally come to an end). She still has nurses coming every other day to tend to her needs but it won't be too much longer before she's all healed up and won't need them anymore. It's been a rough road for my mother... thank God the worst of it is in the rearview mirror.

Through this whole ordeal, I have been so moved by the patience, kindness and compassion of the people all around us. Nurses, surgeon and doctors, rehab staff, friends, family, neighbors and strangers... people that I have never even met before reached out to me and offered prayers and emotional support. And band-aids.... many of them tangled by fellow Zentangle enthusiasts/CZTs over a holiday weekend.

Hope you all know how grateful I am that you took the time to be there for me and my family.


Sooo... six weeks later, here's the finished band-aid book. It now sits on Mom's coffee table at home.

The front cover


a little bit of history... a band-aid my mom decorated for me 18 years ago.

This is the front of a get-well card I found right before I gave the band-aid book to my mom. 
Couldn't believe my luck... it was perfect!