Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekly Challenge #76: "Home"

The Diva's challenge this week: A home-themed tangle.

I did both an urban and a rural one. I was glad to see a lot of the entries this week were heavy on the whimsy, leaning full-tilt toward Zentangle-inspired art. Woohoo!

My favorite time here in Dallas is when it's (snowing... ha! In Texas! Aren't I hilarious? ...or) dumping buckets of rain, when I don't have anywhere to be but home in my art room or cozied up in my reading chair with my nook and my codependent cat. Whether I want him there or not.

After we get a good hard rain (providing it's not 110 degrees outside), the air smells fresh and clean, the sky gets really blue, and the clouds are all pumped up and puffy. On the *other* end of the sliding scale of happiness, we have the tornado I threw in for fun. I know it's not often you get 'tornado' and 'fun' in the same sentence, but tangling will do that for you.

The hot mess on the lower left represents Reunion Tower. In the summer, you can go up to the observation deck and watch everything shimmer from the heat of the day. That's what the flames are for... because if it's hot enough that things are looking shimmery up there on deck, you're about to discover what a toasted marshmallow feels like.

And for my rural tile, I give you a cactus playing with a beach ball. ;o)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weekly Challenge #75: "Tanglation Nation: Cadent"

Ahh, Cadent. You are a foundation, a keystone; a staple. 
New tanglers swoon at your apparent difficulty, 
until they discover 

This tile is mostly a combination of Cadent and Dragonair, a pattern created by Norma Burnell. Let it be known, that woman can rock a set of Inktense watercolor pencils like you would not believe. So. Much. Talent. *sigh*

I used a purple LePen and green and blue Sharpie pens to add a 'ping' of color. A smattering. A hint. A highlight. An accent. 

No pop.

I say this because if I hear the words 'pop of color' (or 'organic') one more time I'm going to scream like I did that one time I got on the New York New York roller coaster in Las Vegas.

If you would like to see my very first overdose of Cadent (one of the very first things I did after I got back from CZT8 seminar), you can click here to be magically transported.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekly Challenge #74: "String Theory v. X: Eccentric Circles"

This week's challenge from the Diva is to use eccentric circles. Her challenges are always good... the Diva knows her stuff. Hence the name, I s'pose.

A. Eccentric: One that deviates markedly from an established norm, especially a person of odd or unconventional behavior.


See this? I *could* have gone with silk pants, a hypercolor shirt, a spelunking helmet... a patent leather poodle...

Fortunately for you, I'm playin' it straight this week.

B. Eccentric: not having the same center; not concentric: used esp. of two circles or spheres at least one of which contains the centers of both.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Weekly Challenge #73: UMT v.V: Bridgen

I think this might be another challenge I have to do more than once, 'cause I. LOVE. BRIDGEN. And I sure do love those danglies. Technically, I don't think they'd qualify as a tangle pattern, but they're so... happy. I may never do another tile without them. :oD

Update: I know I'm breaking some serious Zentangle rules here, but I lean pretty hard toward whimsical/cutesy ALL THE TIME and I've been dying to ignore the rules (no up or down, no representational art) and really have some fun with this pattern. So I threw in a few of my favorite things, and threw the rules out the window.

Just this once.