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Workshop music is a really useful tool- it helps to establish a rhythm and a deeper level of focus in my classes. It also helps to soften distracting noises and relaxes the poor souls on the doorstep who have just endured rush hour (no doubt uphill both ways, barefoot, and through knee-high snow) on their way to discover a new and exciting new way to relax and refocus their energy.

I don't even know how much time I've spent digging through music to build a good solid workshop playlist. I wanted variety, but was looking to steer clear of anything that was distracting or spacy-sounding, as a lot of new age music tends to be. The list below is the result of my effort. 


Ahanu Healing Massage Music

Antonín Dvořák
II--Tempo Di Valse

Antonio Pinto (classical)
My New Life

Brian Crain (piano/cello)
Andante Affettuoso
Butterfly Waltz
Song For Sienna
Northern Lights

Bruce Kurnow (new age with nature sounds)
Pacific Rhythm

Dan Gibson's Solitudes (new age with nature sounds)
Streams of Consciousness

David Darling & Michael Jones (piano/violin)
Indian Summer

Deuter (new age)
East of the Full Moon
Sound of Invisible Water
Wind in Bamboo
Morning Birds
Dawn Shimmer
Illumination of the Heart

Ennio Morricone, Roma Sinfonietta, & Yo-Yo Ma
Gabriel's Oboe
The Falls

George Winston (piano)
Give Me Your Hand/La Valse Pour Les Petites Jeunes Filles
Cloudy This Morning
Snow, Part One

Hilary Stagg (electro/acoustic harp)
Timeless Ways
Feeling It All
Lovers Reunion
A New Beginning
Sweet Return

Howard Shore (Eclipse soundtrack)
Jacob's Theme 

Jim Brickman (piano)
Winter Waltz
Cloudy Day

John Ottman (Gothika soundtrack)
Miranda's Theme 

John Williams (Memoirs of a Geisha soundtrack)
The Chairman's Waltz
The Garden Meeting

Lifescapes (album: Harmony) Bought this at Target a few years back
Floating World
High Above

Massage Music (classical/new age)
Massage Music
Healing Massage Music
Classical Music for Meditation and Yoga

Méditation (new age)
Magic Mountain

Michael Gettel (piano)
First Snow
Aspens in January

Nadama (new age)
Rain of Light
Healing Touch

Nadama & Shastro (new age)
Zen Garden

Nicholas Hooper (HP & the Half-Blood Prince soundtrack)
Friends and Love

Øystein Sevåg (In Search of Angels soundtrack)

Peter Pupping (acoustic guitar)
Prelude, Cello Suite I

Sarah Butcher & Helena Binney (cello)
Prendero' Quel Brunettino
Voi, Che Sepete

Sherill Roberts (cello)
The Ash Grove

SpiritFit Music (classical/new age)
Yesterday Today Forever

Steven Cravis (piano)
My Precious One
Through the Kaliedoscope
Candlelight Tranquility
Dancing Spirits
The Shining Star
Aqua Blue
Apricot Sunset and Cinnamon Skies
Radiant Love
Snowfall Sunrise
Holiday Slumber

Steven Halpern (new age)
Deep Bamboo
Inner Peace

Yiruma (piano)
May Be
River Flows in You

Yo-Yo-Ma (cello)
Dona Nobis Pacem
The Swan from Carnival of the Animals
Thaïs: Méditation (with Kathryn Scott)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have a few CDs I use, and most seem to like, but I've been thinking of make a mixed disc or two.


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