Friday, March 03, 2017

cruffle, cont'd.

Well, cruffle-lovers... the day is finally here! It's been so fun to see 'cruffle 1.0' pop up in artwork all over the world in the five years that have come and gone since I first posted the original version of this pattern. I hope you find inspiration here too.

I spent a long time trying to narrow this collection down to a less overwhelming size, but I've realized that everybody has different tastes and might like some of the variations that I don't... so I'm putting ALL of it out there, and will leave it to you to decide what you like. These variations are loosely divided into categories, which you will see as you scroll. I have not included drawing instructions because most of them start with the first couple of steps that cruffle does, so they shouldn't be too tricky to deconstruct. If you have questions, you can use the widget in my sidebar to email me, or leave a comment below.

The first 76 variations are drawn by starting with a circle and an S curve:

cruffle 1.0

 2. dense cruffle.

3. minimal cruffle: the first two drawing steps, 
a circle and an S-shaped curve.

This one was begun with a backwards S, 
drawn from top to bottom.

...with a little papermint thrown in.

#71- took advantage of a wonky circle 
to give this one a mohawk. 

Drawing order for #77: a circle broken at the top and 
bottom, then the mooka shapes at the top and bottom, 
then the teardrop shapes in the middle. 

78-86 are drawn with a U shape instead of an S, though 
a couple of them are a kind of hybrid where the S shape is
complete but then curves back around to make a U shape.

87-92 are bordered:

93-96 have the initial S curve repeated 
in more than one direction:

97-109 are all started with multiple S shapes:

110-114: a few valentiney variations.

111. There's a puffle in my cruffle. :o)

115-121 mooka variations:

122 and on- odd shapes: 

Fancy cruffle. 

You can see I started to get a little punchy after a while, but this is how I work out new variations. I never rule out anything until I've gotten it down on paper, no matter how off the wall it might be. Coming back to a drawing later will almost always produce new ideas. Obviously several of these would have gotten the axe, but since I said I'd show you everything... well...

You had to know there'd be some goofiness somewhere in this post. I just can't help myself. 

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P.S. If you were looking at the numbers, you may have noticed there is no #146. That turned out to be a duplicate scan that I caught at the last minute (hopefully the only one), so I'll leave these little bijous with you to make up for it. 

Happy cruffling. :o)

Might have to revisit that 'cruffadox' one... 
there just might be something to that. :oD

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