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This is the linked version of a list I've created to give to people who come to my workshops. I want the people who learn from me to come away with the same sense of excitement I had after my first experience with Zentangle, thirsty for information and overwhelmed by the possibilities in the patterns all around them. My goal is to offer them the best and most helpful information that I possibly can, so they have a solid foundation for continuing their Zentangle journey once we part ways. Seven months ago, I had never even heard of Zentangle, and it's already changed my life. I believe it can benefit the people who embrace it, and who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

This list will be updated from time to time as new things are added. If you have any suggestions for additions please leave them in the comments section. Thanks!

• Tanglepatterns.com
 The website is free to use, but $15 will get you a clickable PDF of tangle patterns, all linked to their respective drawing instructions.
• Pinterest
 (huge database of tangle patterns, links to blogs, and zentangle art)
• YouTube:
 Official videos posted by Rick and Maria for Mooka, Betweed, & Auraknot
Dangles’ by Joanne Fink
 Various zendala/mandala tutorials

If you like to deconstruct patterns, check out books on patterns... graphic design, textiles, pottery, tile, even henna design. Fabric stores are also a great resource for finding new tangle patterns to deconstruct!

Online groups for sharing, inspiration, contests, swaps, giveaways, and community projects.
The official Zentangle facebook page
The Travelling Tangles Project (a collaborative group)
Zentangle All Around
Square One: Purely Zentangle
Friends of Zentangle
Random Acts of Art

Participate and share your work, and view others.
The Diva's Weekly Challenge
Linda Farmer's Tangle Strings

Official Zentangle (more blogs listed in their sidebar)
Carole Ohl (also sells a really nice tangle-a-day calendar)
Genevieve Crabe (she also sells blank tangle pattern organizer books) 
Margaret Bremner (fantastic Paradox tutorial)
Norma Burnell (incredible Zentangle-inpired art)
Sandy Steen Bartholomew (author)
Sandra Strait (author)
Suzanne McNeill (author)
Elaine Huffman
Sharon Payne

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