Tuesday, November 25, 2014

diva challenge no. 195: 'turning old into new: jailbreaking tangles'

The Diva's weekly Zentangle challenge this week: take a freeform/flowy/scatter pattern and stuff it into a grid, or use a grid-based tangle and break it out. If I hadn't been so tired when I wrote that challenge (late-night, last-minute as usual... 'cause that's how I roll), I would have realized that nearly all of my examples were stuffing tangles into grids and only one tangle pattern got liberated in that post. So I've got a few more examples to show you.

Just a few things to ponder (because I did a terrible job of explaining this in my original post):

• Putting a pattern into a grid is usually easier than taking one out. If you don't know where to start, try a grid first. Lines, dots... start with whatever you like to draw the most.

• Don't be afraid to only use a piece of a pattern you like; it doesn't have to be the whole thing. Picking a pattern in the first place is just so there is a place to start, a jumping-off point to get inspired.

• No grid doesn't necessarily mean no structure, unless you want it to. It just means you don't start with dots or lines in military formation.

Rick's paradox (Zentangle):

Starbarz (Jane Dickinson):

Sunflower (Anne Marks):

I loved this one so much it got its own Bijou tile. 

Drip-drop (Debbie Perdue):

Bronx cheer (Zentangle):

Assunta is the focus tangle on one of my favorite facebook tangle groups this week, so I'm giving it a little legroom too.

and Veezley, which is one of mine. Helloooo, Christmas trees! Very Seussy.

I know this is a tricky challenge and there isn't much zen to it... but it's fun to shake things up and I've already seen some really inspiring tangles out there. Thank you, brave souls...it makes me so happy that you're taking this challenge and running with it. 

Happy jailbreaking. :oD

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