Friday, May 11, 2012

The collision of past and present at 350°F

Ever since I took my very first Zentangle class back in February, I've wanted to try combining my new favorite concept with the subject of my former life: cookies. Linda (my former boss/fellow CZT) did the baking and made the frosting (God love her, she knows I hate to be in the kitchen unless I'm there to stick my nose in the fridge).

Last week, we sat down at her kitchen table to try tangling sugar cookies. The frosting was a little runnier than we had hoped, so we had to simplify some of the patterns... but other than that, the project was a success. It was really cool to pick up the same familiar decorating bag I used for years and be able to do something completely new with it.


antidots (enhanced with dots... oh, the irony.)


corner box



a true tangle: footlites, cadent, and sanibelle (which I use on everything).

two beauties by Linda, whose names I can't recall.

Purk, also decorated by Linda. 

 ...and here we have a visual recap of the last twenty seconds of your life. ;o)

Happy weekend, everybody!


  1. you make me feel so much better about my obsession! hahahaha!
    ok, comment. the veezley is my favorite and all the colors are awesome! :D (can i have one now?)

  2. Love it - looks like you had a lot of fun - must take a very steady hand though. Linda's round one looks like Hurry, not sure on the other one.

  3. Alice- veezley was my fave too...and also the one I ate. Tink, it does take a steady hand, but we've had soooo much practice. Softer frosting is also pretty forgiving. Thanks for the info!

  4. love it! so beautiful. You've got a steady hand!

  5. looks like some very tasty tangles!!! Great job.
    Sue O.

  6. Wow! These are soooo neat! Can I order a dozen with a different design on each!?

  7. Oooh wow, Sandy - these are far too good to eat!! What a brilliant use of Zentangle - and such pretty colours too. They are just gorgeous! You could pipe coloured polymer clay to make something more durable. Really pretty.



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