Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekly Challenge #70: "Color me Sepia"

Weekly challenge time :o) 

I know Laura's busier than ten men, but I often do the challenge in the first couple of days and then spend the rest of the week wishing I still had one to do. She varies them quite a bit from week to week; sometimes with a certain color, sometimes with a specific string or pattern. I think I might go back through the archives and start trying some of the older ones while I wait for Monday morning to drag slooooowly around. Ha... can't say I know too many people who say it takes too long to get to Monday.

This week, the challenge was to use sepia (or brown). Not a huge fan of brown and black together, so I used brown and this beautiful nameless bluish color. Well, not completely nameless... in Micronland they call him XSDK05#36. *rolls eyes* Come on, Sakura. A little help here... if we can't have names, can we have more distinguishable colors on the caps? I always have to spot test the blues to make sure I have the right one. Maybe it's just me.

However, they do more than make up for this perfectly pigmented injustice with a product called the clear stardust gelly roll pen. It's 0% colored ink and 100% sparkle, and no photo or scan even comes close to doing it justice. Seriously, if you've never tried it, you don't know what you're missing (FYI It says 'clear star' on the barrel, product number XPGB#700). Gelly rolls run out of ink really fast, so once you're hooked you'll want to have two. For each hand.

Or one in every room, like I do with carmex. 

Featherfall, purk, footlites, afterglo, indy-rella, and keeko. And stardust. ;o)


  1. absolutely gorgeous! and i love the stardust gelly roll penwork and what it adds to your piece!

    and, no, you are not the only one with a sakura-issue about no-name-pens it drives me nuts!

  2. Cool tile! I wish I had thought to use blue - I love blue and brown together:) I'll have to look for that sparkly pen at the art store.
    p.s. your comment on my blog made me laugh - thanks!

  3. Very beautiful patterns. The blue offsets the sepia perfectly!

  4. Beautiful combination of sepia blue, magnificent result.
    They are incredible your tangle- cookie
    Thank you very much for your visit and comment.

  5. How beautiful - I love the colors and your tangle combinations. Big thanks for writing about Stardust - just yesterday I was standing in front of the pen display at Michaels thinking I would like to try a different pen - but I didn't want a gaudy colored one (just easing my way into adding color to my tiles - I'm a sloooow adopter)and just ended up getting another white one since the one I'm using will be used up soon. Stardust sounds like it will satisfy me quite nicely - so thanks again. Love your tangling!

  6. You are right, when using the colored pens you have to check them out on a separate paper to see if the are too dark or light for your design, and no names, what's up with that! Your design is wonderful, a luscious blue to balance the browns. Thanks for the info on the gel sparkle pens.

  7. Great tile. Love your purk. I agree with the color identity issue. I've added colored tape to differentiate them.

  8. your colors compliment perfectly, love this. love featherfall.


  9. Frankly, I don't like the combination of brown and blue, but your brown looks like dark gray in the picture, so he colors are not bothering me. Regardless of the colors, this is a beautiful tile. Very nice composition. I like it :)

  10. Lovely tile - I love your purk! and featherfall!

  11. Beautiful tile! Your tangle choice go so well with each other and love the blue added.


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