Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weekly Challenge #206: "Tools/Trade"

The Diva's weekly challenge is to use a tool we don't normally use to draw our tangle... and while my attempt at using colored microns begat a sad day in sandyland, using gold gouache on black cardstock more than made up for it (if you're an appreciater of little things, it's kinda fun to watch the gold particles travel around on the water's surface tension before soaking into the paper).

Hope you enjoy all four of these nearly-identical photos that *almost* capture the shiny, strappy, sun-drenched essence of the original piece. ;o)

Thanks to Laura for the challenge... I will definitely be trying these particular tools of the trade again. And now I have a whole new respect for people who can successfully photograph shiny/metallic things, 'cause boy is it ever tricky. :o)

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  1. I admire your skill with the gold gouache. Lovely tile.

  2. Beautiful, Sandy! Photographing shiny is hard but you did it well :)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! It looks so fine and elegant!

  4. It's beautiful; i like very much

  5. Really elegant tile. I love shiny things - maybe I was a bower bird in a previous life. I certainly understand your photograpy woes...somehow the tile I draw and the one I photograph and post don't look at all the same (and the photo usually shows up all those messy bits that looked just fine before...maybe I need better glases). Anyway, lovely work!

  6. It's gorgeous! Im a crow. I love everything shiny or sparkly. The pattern is beautiful!

  7. Maybe this is an out there observation, but I think the 4 different looks you ended up with in your photos, is part of the challenge response. I thing the four together are a really cool (beautiful) composition. I can see them framed on a wall next to each other.

  8. Beautiful! The high contrast between the black cardstock and the gold patterns reminds me of an Egyptian burial mask. Your artwork looks really cool!

  9. This is stunning! Lovely work, and it is fun to watch the the paint move!

  10. Love your shiny experiment!

  11. Your tile is absolutely gorgeous! Who doesn't love anything shiny!

  12. Funny, the first tangling I actually tried was with a Gold Paint Marker, on black card that I got from secondhand store for two bucks! Prettiest ever! I Love yours! Thanks for sharing some glimmer


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