Thursday, February 19, 2015

Weekly Challenge #205: "Year of the Goat"

The Diva's weekly challenge this week is to do a tile inspired by the Chinese zodiac.

My own personal challenge is to get this posted before my laptop battery dies, as it's currently down to 2% power... so with no ado at all, here's my year-of-the-rabbit tile:

Sure hope it wasn't supposed to be a goat. 

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  1. Animal ears are in the eye of the beholder. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it). I choose to see goat ears (sort of). Whatever kind of ears they are, they are very nicely tangled. ;-) Happy Lunar New Year!

  2. ROTFL. You need to look at my tile for this challenge. Let's hear it for the rabbits!

  3. Your ears made me smile, thanks :-) I do like your tile!

  4. Oh, what a cut idea. Rabbit is much nicer than the goat, not only it´s because I`m a rabbit.... Happy hoppel day dear Sandy.

  5. I just looked at the Duchess's tile and I, too, am giggling. Let's see, the gestation period for a goat is 5 months and for a rabbit I think it's closer to 5 minutes...those pesky little things are just so prolific. A wonderful tile Sandy, and a much appreciated chuckle :-)

  6. I will be dreaming of the rabbits checking out my new shrubbery in the yard! So cute! To the real rabbits, I always say what I told my misbehaving kids over the years..."You're lucky you're cute!"


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