Wednesday, December 26, 2012

give it away, give it away now.

Hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was white... NBD. *jumping up and down*

Paul and I like to go out and drive around on the rare occasion when it snows. The roads were better today than yesterday, but people in Texas often appear to forget about the kind of ice you can't see... like this poor guy. See the red near the middle of the shot? That's a car.

well... maybe he's got flood insurance.

testing out my snow boots.

 a few houses in our 'hood...

  A cute little Mexican imports place on the way to my parents' house.

A pretty tree in a random neighborhood. 

  Normally this pond is loaded with quackers and turtles.

My parents' house... 

Christmas lights shining through the snow.

Now that Christmas is over, I can focus on the other things I have up my sleeve. I'm really looking forward to the coming year.

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SPOILER ALERT... if you are involved in Karen Izzi's bookmark swap or Patsy Monk's postcard swap, close this window now. Or you're gonna RUIN your surprise.

Don't say I didn't warn you... 

I *did* try. 

Yeah, I probably wouldn't have listened either.

My entries for Karen's Zentangle bookmark swap.
These bookmarks are blingy. If you believe in the tangle fairy, you should be able to see the sparkle in the pics. I punched holes and added some light blue organza ribbon after scanning them. 

A true Zentangle can be turned in any direction and still looks right. Because there is no up or down in Zentangle. But if there was... the bookmark on the right would be upside down. If you stand on your head or turn your monitor/mobile device upside down, then you shall be one with the bookmark.


My entries for Patsy's (1.1.13 themed) postcard swap...

Alice was not technically on my list of people to send to, but I had an extra puzzle card and she's a friend o' mine, so she's getting one anyway. 

The names are written on the envelopes. After I scanned these I broke up the puzzles and sealed them...sure hope they travel well. One of them is going to Queensland.

I'll post the ones I get in the mail so y'all can see. I may or may not have opened the first one already (and it's lovely!). 

Here's wishing you a safe and happy new year's! See you next year! :o)

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  1. Thank you for sharing our ride and your beautiful creations! Did you do them on a puzzle? Did you make the puzzle or did you buy these somewhere? Please telle me it's a store that sells online and sents out to Europe ;)))

  2. The puzzles are blank white and come six to a pack, envelopes included. They come in all different sizes and shapes. Try a local craft store, and if you strike out there, try looking around online. And check your email. :o)

  3. I LOVE the pictures of the lights shining through the snow! And all of your New Year puzzle cards!

  4. oh, sandy, i'm just now seeing this post! i love the book marks - and there is my postcard!!!!!!! i loveeee it! thank you again :D


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