Friday, December 21, 2012

a tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

I won't say much about last week's shooting, but this is my tribute to the victims... and all the lives they touched, which will never be the same again.

In memory of Ana Marquez-Greene

 In memory of Allison Wyatt

 In memory of Anne Marie Murphy

 In memory of Avielle Richman

In memory of Benjamin Wheeler

In memory of Catherine Hubbard

 In memory of Caroline Previdi

In memory of Charlotte Bacon

 In memory of Chase Kowalski

In memory of Daniel Barden

In memory of Dawn Hochsprung

In memory of Dylan Hockley

In memory of Emilie Parker

 In memory of Jack Pinto

 In memory of Grace McDonnell

In memory of Jessica Rekos

In memory of James Mattioli

 In memory of Josephine Gay

In memory of Lauren Rosseau

In memory of Mary Sherlach

 In memory of Madeleine Hsu

In memory of Noah Pozner

In memory of Jesse Lewis

In memory of Olivia Engel

In memory of Rachel Davino

In memory of Victoria Soto

In memory of Nancy Lanza. 
Although she didn't die at Sandy Hook Elementary, she is still a victim, and I cannot even imagine what her daily life with Adam must have been like. If there can be anything good about her untimely death, it's that she did not survive to see her own son murder 20 innocent children and the six adults who gave their lives trying to protect them. 

There are hearts in every tile because even though they are memorial pieces, they will (hopefully) be decorating the new school where the remaining Sandy Hook students will be. I want those kids to be reminded every day that they are loved and cherished. I added touches of subtle stardust ink on each one to symbolize hope, because it's always there. Even if you can't see it.


  1. Sandy, these are spectacular. Your loving tribute will be treasured! How gracious and caring of you to create a tile for each person. I'm so moved by your creations. Thank you for sharing.

  2. In one word.. Fantastic ! I watched the news last week with tears in my eyes. Who cn do such thing ? So sweet of you to make for each one a sweet tangle. I believe in angels ...
    Groetjes, Melanie

  3. Absolutely stunning. What a wonderful tribute. You have a heart of gold!! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  4. Simply amazing. You have a heart of gold. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful tribute with us.

  5. How utterly exquisite Sandy... Beautiful pieces indeed...

  6. These are so beautiful, Sandy. Thank you for sharing them.


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