Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekly Challenge #76: "Home"

The Diva's challenge this week: A home-themed tangle.

I did both an urban and a rural one. I was glad to see a lot of the entries this week were heavy on the whimsy, leaning full-tilt toward Zentangle-inspired art. Woohoo!

My favorite time here in Dallas is when it's (snowing... ha! In Texas! Aren't I hilarious? ...or) dumping buckets of rain, when I don't have anywhere to be but home in my art room or cozied up in my reading chair with my nook and my codependent cat. Whether I want him there or not.

After we get a good hard rain (providing it's not 110 degrees outside), the air smells fresh and clean, the sky gets really blue, and the clouds are all pumped up and puffy. On the *other* end of the sliding scale of happiness, we have the tornado I threw in for fun. I know it's not often you get 'tornado' and 'fun' in the same sentence, but tangling will do that for you.

The hot mess on the lower left represents Reunion Tower. In the summer, you can go up to the observation deck and watch everything shimmer from the heat of the day. That's what the flames are for... because if it's hot enough that things are looking shimmery up there on deck, you're about to discover what a toasted marshmallow feels like.

And for my rural tile, I give you a cactus playing with a beach ball. ;o)


  1. I LOVE these ZIAs! They are so fun and creative:)

  2. Well done! Such an amazing collection of tangles in delightful ZIAs.

  3. These are both super! Great collection of tangles to describe where you live. I am sure loving this challenge, finding out more about the artists behind the art.

  4. Fantastic! You have a marvellous way with words - AND making zentangles!

  5. Both are fantastic! I love them both! Fabulous response to the challenge. :)

  6. Both tiles give such a feel of the what I would think of in summer. Oh the rain would be so nice right now. Alas the cactus is more the way things are going. Beautiful tangling job!

  7. The ZIA's are fun and so are you! :D Wave hello to my sons in Ft. Worth, will ya?

  8. I laughed when I saw your adaptation of ideas to tangles. So much fun(as in tornado) and love the cactus tangle too!

  9. What a riot of fun! Love them all! Especially the exuberant cactus. Who knows what they get up to when we're not looking? Lol lol!!



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