Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hey, funseekers, here's the noob of the day: Meet VEEZLEY.

A word of advice before we get rolling:

Using graph paper for a pattern like this is like missing laundry day and having to wear a bra that's too tight. Honestly. There is no zen to be had there.... don't do it.

Just draw some parallel diagonal lines, and then do some going in the opposite direction. It doesn't have to be perfect. Perfect is boring. Shoot for halfway between perfect and interesting. 

Yeah, I wouldn't listen to me, either. 

Here's an old cookie decorating trick that will help you draw a decent grid: 

Decide how big a slant you want on your first set of diagonal lines and draw one right smack in the middle of the space you want to fill. Then do the same for the lines going in the opposite direction, so you have an X in the middle of your section (like the first square). You will find that it's easier to keep your lines roughly parallel and more equally spaced if you start in the middle and work outward than if you work from one side to the other. Cookies don't lie. At least mine didn't. I still think the store-bought variety are of questionable integrity.

Next, turn your tile 90 degrees and draw a nice swoopy line through each diamond. Make sure you go from one point to the next, drawing sloooowllllyyy. It seems to work better if you draw each 'swoop' individually and don't try to make it one long wavy line. 

Then draw a vertical line straight down from the center of each curved line, to the point directly below it. 

Here's some stuff you can do with it. Not only did I skip the shading, I'm pretty sure I just plumb forgot to keep drawing when it came to square #3. Sorry 'bout that.

Filling in the negative space in between gives this pattern some punch. This looks better with a slightly bigger grid so you get some white space in between your lines for contrast.

...and a few more variations...

Ha... look what I found in an old photo folder! See??


  1. This isn't just a pattern, it's a whole collection! Cool!

  2. While I love this pattern and all the 'tanglations' that are possible with it I especially like
    1. the analogy to missing laundry day
    2. the tips on getting the diagonal grid going based on your cookie icing days

  3. Good job! Thank you for the 'no graph paper allowed' affirmation. This is a wonderful "5 for 1" tangle.

  4. Terrific tangle(s)! And I, too, appreciate the "no graph-paper" dictum. The freedom and free feel of the result is so much more, well, organic, than the regimentation of the graph-paper would cause. So, thank you for the patterns and your philosophy.

  5. I know what I'll being doing tonight!
    Thanks for what looks like lots of fun and zen time:)

  6. Sandy, I LOVE this!!
    You're the best :o)

  7. Sandy, Love your pattern. Will be trying this today. I am CZT 8 as well. Not sure if we met. Keep tangling.

  8. woo hoo what a tour de force. Love it, thanks for your work and the sharing of the same Peace

  9. What a blast! I'm gonna use this on the card I am making for my "adopted soldier". Thank you.

  10. Love this tangle - it lends itself to so many variations! ... and the technique makes it so easy.

  11. Thanks, Sandy. Just learning about Zentangle and enjoying it all.

  12. Ditto to what "Artistic Spirit" just said! I love the allowance to skip the graph paper as well. That just mostly got in my way. Forcing myself to work from plane paper and to learn the "tricks" and stick to them has really made ZT more enjoyable!!

  13. What a glorious exercise. This has so many possibilities, especially with the teardrop shape. Such visual interest. Thank you so much!

  14. This is terrific. Simple, interesting, attractive, and lots of variations possible! (And what a fabulous-looking cookie!!!)

  15. What a great way to "graph" without graph paper! I love the pattern(s) and the tip!

  16. And here's me, never even realising one needed to use graph paper for grid designs, no wonder some of my grid designs look (pleasantly ?) wonky!
    This is a lovely collection to work with, can't wait!

    1. No! One does not need to use graph paper for grid designs. Wonky is what it's supposed to be. I just wish some people would not use wonky as an excuse to be sloppy. That's just poor workmanship. Yes, I am aware of arthritis, etc. My hands shake too. But one should at least make a "closed" circle/orb, even if it's wobbly, etc. These last comments are not directed at you. Can't be as I've never seen any of your tiles. Just in a mood to sound-off, I guess. Hum... Peace to you and yours.

  17. Creative, easy, fun! So kind of you to share. Thank you! Love the variations and the grid help!


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