Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekly Challenge #172: Duotangle - Auraknot vs Mooka

I tried a few variations of the Auraknot/Mooka combination until I got one I liked.

A four-point auraknot:

Five points:

 Eight points:

I liked the six-pointer one the best, so that's the one that got shaded. 
Sooo lazy.

Thanks for the challenge, Madame Diva!

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  1. They are all lovely - my favourite is the four point

  2. oh! I love the mooka in the center of your favorite one! sweet

  3. Shading really makes a tangle, so that one is very special. The others are all lovely though and maybe you could love them enough to give them a bit of shading love later. I think my favorite is the 8 point.

  4. All nicely created... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

  5. Wow, what a Litany of Loveliness. All of them are awesome. I am very partial to the first, four point, tile. I love the liveliness and energy in the Mooka. Beautiful.

  6. A lovely progression that gets more delightful in each picture. Well handled!

  7. I love them all and can't decide which one I like best. They are so lovely.

  8. They are all great, I need to experiment more with the Auraknot, I love your 8 point one

  9. Sweet illustration of your take on multi-pointed auraknots with their mookas!

  10. Beautiful! That dang auraknot eludes me; I can't seem to make it come out like anything but auraNot! Your mooka and auraknots inspire me to keep trying. Thank you for sharing your lovely tiles.

  11. Lucky me I'm not the one that needed to make this choice :)
    The 6 points is indeed beautiful. But the 4 points - is pure Zen and I love it.
    And the 8 points - also beautiful.
    I like your interpretation and creative duo

  12. I love your tiles all of them. But most of them I like the first one because of the swirly mookas. Awesome.

  13. Stunning, effective and full of wow!!

  14. Your first one looks like it could be part of a crest. They are all great variations. Now you just have to add a little Auraknot to your background.

  15. Really like the organic feel of your tangles in this challenge.

  16. Thank you for your kind comments, friends!

  17. The 8 point is my favorite!! I learned a lot about Auraknot just from seeing what you did. I have never used either - I think I will do better next time :)

    Just a beautiful display!!

    ~ Diane Clancy


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