Monday, December 09, 2013

the 'merry happy' Diva challenge.

Done! Nothing makes it feel like the holidays like some chilly winter weather.

When I first posted these, I hadn't actually *done* the challenge yet... but I did make a few templates for it while I was horsing around with my Wacom tablet. Of course, you don't actually need a template... but if you wanna just get to the fun tangling part without a whole lot of left-brainery, one of these just might come in handy (think of them as themed picture frames for your art). You have plenty of time to do as many as you like, as the Diva is taking a well-deserved break until January.

Happy tanglin'... I don't do many of the Diva challenges these days (mostly because I am incredibly bad at time management), but I do love to go look at the things other people post now and then. So far, this is my favorite post for this challenge... lol.

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  1. Thank you so much for the templates Sandy!!!! The two you made are great.

  2. oh wow the letter's template I'm not yet use it but.. quite….great!love it

  3. Oh Thanks so much for the templates! I am going to have some fun with these when I have a extra few minutes!

  4. What a great post. Thanks for the templates and ideas. And a merry happy to you.

  5. What a treat... viewing great art AND getting templates! Thank you!

  6. Thanks for the templates, Sandy. I particularly like the snowman with all those radiating lines.

  7. How fun - thanks for sharing - have a joyous season

  8. I love that little snow man, he looks so joyous! I may just use a few of these for fun...thanks! I laughed at your 'left-brainery' comment - I know just what you mean!

  9. Your Merry Happy messages are fun, perfect, and just a joy to see! Merry Christmas!


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