Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Once upon a time (yesterday) there was a girl (me) who had a morning appointment at the dentist.

Like every teenager in the waiting room (what better way to spend spring break, eh?) I updated my status on facebook: 'Waiting room at the dentist. Ho hum.' One of my fellow CZTs, Sharon Payne, suggested that I tangle to pass the time until my appointment. I joked that I was too sleepy to tangle, and she told me I should create a new tangle pattern and call it 'snore'. Woohoo, challenge accepted!

So I began dreaming up ways to construct a pattern entirely out of Zs... got out my pen and my little tin of Zentangle tiles. Naturally, that was the moment the dental hygienist opened the door and called my name. Rude.

The bare-bones version:

The how-to:
Start with a plus sign. Each 'branch' of the plus sign will be the TOP of a Z when you turn your tile:

Notice 1) the gap between each plus sign and 2) the gap on the bottom where 3) each Z is slightly rounded and 4) does not touch the one beside it... those are the tiny little details that will keep your pattern from looking like this: 

Not that it's not lovely too... but if you want to end up with that one, there are much easier/less messy ways to draw it.

It's faster (and involves less tile-turning) to draw a row of plus signs and draw several at once. I have yet to do it that way without messing up, but I do have a head cold, so I'm gonna go ahead and blame it on that.

A few variations:

I like this one the most, because darkening every other one makes the 'nested' effect within the pattern more obvious.

with circles instead of gaps...

with two lines instead of one in the plus sign:

with some scrolly stuff thrown in:

...and with a ribbony effect.

Here's a happy little ZIA (Zentangle-inspired art) with snorr, cat-kin, sanibelle, antidots, cruffle, pokeroot, and tipple...

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Have a _____ week!
I'll let you fill in the blank... I'm not feeling that bossy today.

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  1. Wooo! This is WONDERFUL! More dentist appointments for you, lady. Thanks a bunch! My afternoon just got full. :D

  2. This is simple awesome!!....Love it...

  3. I love this!!! Thanks.


  4. ooo ooo ooo i really, really like this one!! nice job. i can tell this one will be fun!! lacey

  5. Wow, I agree with Margaret...here is enough to keep me busy for several days!!!
    I promise to give it a try!
    Thanks for all the versions too!

  6. This looks like fun! I have to try it'

  7. I have just spent the last few hours - yes time flies when you're having fun! Thank you, great tangle but you make it look so easy!!

  8. Absolutely brilliant! So simple and so many variations too. You're such an inspiration Sandy! Will definitely be using this. <3 it. :@) Hope your head clears.
    x Fi

  9. Wow! It gets better and better! wonderful, defintely going to try this one. thank you for sharing :)

  10. well this looks like a lot of fun, sandy! gotta try it out!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this tangle with us, Sandy. I love its versatility, and how nicely it lends itself to embellishment.I will definitely be trying it!

  12. This is the first time I've had a chance to see Snorr! I love it... I'll use it in a my project ... I needed a new tangle and this is just perfect... Glad to be part of the process... I feel like a proud Godmother....

  13. Okay, if you can do this in the dentist's office when you've got a cold, I can't wait to explore your blog and find out what you can do when you're home and healthy! I love this!!
    -Lori Kingston

  14. Very cool pattern! I especially like the variation with the scrolls, but I like them all. Can't wait to try it!
    Martha Murphy


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