Thursday, March 28, 2013

Adventures in Monotangles #4: Indy-rella

Roy's Monotangle prompt of the week: Indy-rella.

I don't use this one much, but it has a lot of potential:
• the clusters of ((((s can take any shape.
• good for focus- requires very deliberate pen strokes or it looks messy.
• generous shading keeps it from looking flat.
And like a lot of tangle patterns, a simple wash of color can give it a little oomph without being overwhelming.

I don't really know why I just wrote that as a bulleted list. I'm so tired right now.

oh, and happy Easter!


  1. Sandy these are so amazing, really an outstanding job. I love the bottom one. Thank you for joining this weeks adventure!

  2. I love both tiles Sandy, I think they are beautiful.

  3. Nice ! Happy Easter to you too

  4. The first one reminds me of a snake but the second one is really nice

  5. I love them both. Nicely done.

  6. Those are just too cool!! TFS

  7. I m definitely want to learn how to draw like that ! It's cool!


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