Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weekly challenge #107: "New official tangle: Quandary"

Look, ma... no string.

A truly successful stringless tangle is pretty rare for me. That strong, silent little pencil line is as necessary to me as the tangle patterns themselves in keeping the zen/building a decent tangle. I have found that I really need that structure to work within. You know how wild those tangles can get if allowed to run unleashed... they need to be wrangled into some semblance of order, or they'll be chasing squirrels and stealin' ice cream cones in the park. :oD


  1. I really like this, Sandy. It looks very opulent and elegant to me.

  2. It's gorgeous!!!! I like what you did with the outer side of Quandary!

  3. not only are your tangles clever are you! Silly squirrels!

  4. squirrels and ice cream cones? yep, sounds like my life as of late. love the color here, sandy :)


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