Tuesday, December 11, 2012

the lazy man's string.

I recently attempted the 'no strings' Diva challenge, and maaan...she didn't call it a challenge for nothin'. It's amazing how much harder it was to get going on my tile with no clear starting point... so I've been wondering if there might be a happy medium with this method.

The official Zentangle method is to draw a complete string, and then work within it... but what if you just had a *little* bit of structure to start with instead? A semi-string? And then you had to grow the rest of your tangle out by building onto what you have already drawn, instead of relying on strings to work within? 

the (limping) chicken foot

the bunny nose

the offset positive sign

the swoopy line

the indecisive arrow

the slithery line

Feel free to post your tangle pics and scans on my wall here
Photos of snow are also acceptable. And encouraged. 



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