Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hey, tanglers! This post covers three things:

1. Weekly Challenge #97: String Theory v. XX- 'No Strings Attached'
This one involves drawing a tangle without a starter string, which I have not bothered to shade because I hate it. I know what went wrong... because when I get going with all the chaotic stringy stuff boinging out of every nook and cranny, it makes it dang near impossible to add more patterns onto what I've already drawn. The ladybug barely made it out alive.

2. Weekly Challenge #96: New Official Tangle: Zinger (same tile as above... it did get marginally better upon adding a few of these).


3. my contribution to fellow CZT Dilip Patel's Ganesha collection. He's trying to round up a hundred of them and I do believe he's got less than ten to go. They're all so different and interesting to look at... you can go here to see.

One more thing...

The time has come for me to stop being lazy and separate my personal and Zentangle facebook lives... so I've added a page that will be exclusively Zentangle so those who have added me through this blog and the CZT forum will actually see Zentangle-related posts, and not just the jokes and ridiculously cute kittens that all my IRL friends must constantly endure.

You can find my new page at
Big thanks to all who have already liked the page. :o)


  1. You are MUCH to hard on yourself, I like it and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Your Ganesha is GREAT!

    1. I have been told that many times in my life and I know it's true. Thanks Anne!

  2. I love them both and Dilip will love your Ganesha! By the way......add some shading to the first really has gorgeous lines and I think you will like it!

    1. I actually do like it a little more today. Not enough to shade it, but definitely more than yesterday. :oD Thanks LeeAnn!

  3. I am so grateful Sandy, Your Ganesha is lovely. I have just posted my second response, you may like to see it.

  4. Sandy, I love your "no strings" tangle. I hope you will keep looking at it until you see the beauty that we do. It's definitely worth shading!

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