Wednesday, March 07, 2012

INDY-RELLA, and all who love her.

Meet indy-rella. I like it because you can vary the shapes quite a bit and get different effects, and you can make it look darker or lighter by tightening up or loosening the strokes in the pattern, so it's pretty versatile when you're thinking about contrast within your tangle. Looks amazing when shaded... not hard to draw behind other things... aaand, it won't steal your wallet or tease the dog. WIN.


  1. Hi Sandy, just found your blog via Tangle patterns. I LOVE THIS TANGLE!! It's fluidity & movement gives me goosebumps. It's one of those that just 'speaks' to me..ok that sounded wierd.
    Anyhow, love the story behind how you came to zentangle, I was introduced via watching Jane Monk's quilting dvd a few months ago & while I have little chance of doing CZT training or even joining a class, (I'm in Australia) it's blogs like yours which keep me wanting to do more.
    Best of luck with your teaching...Go For It!!


  2. I love this pattern too! It's unusual. I forgot to say when I posted it that this tangle is not mine; it's from Molly Hollibaugh. We learned it at the CZT8 seminar in February.

    Good news for you! There are eight CZTs in Australia now. You should check the directory and see if one of them is near you. You can just click on the monster CZT button in my sidebar and then click at the top where it says 'certified teachers'. You'll see them all listed there.

  3. When you said there were 8 CZT's in Aust I jumped...but there's still only 3 listed on the zentangle website list :C Both Jane and Michelle Beauchamp are in Tasmania (I live in Brisbane) and Kass Hall is currently not working according to her website, and the other name I don't recognise. Soooo...hopefully the others will have their name added soon & one may be much nearer to me!
    Thanks for letting me know, I'll keep my eyes open for any new additions...I wonder if Rick & Maria have ever thought of coming here to teach...the weather's really nice this time of year!! LOL

  4. hi! i'm new to zentangle and your blog ... looking for a how-to for indy-rella ... seems like it should be easy but i'm not getting it to look great. any suggestions? thanks! (now following you on bloglovin')


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