Thursday, March 22, 2012

does this pattern make my Unbatz look big?

I came up with this nifty little pattern after I took my first zentangle class. I call it 'unbatz'. Lots of variations come to mind after step two, but this one is my favorite.

A couple of things to note:

Step 1: Try to keep your COLUMNS lined up. It will matter in step three.

Step 3: Start each figure 8 in the middle of the space so they're relatively symmetrical. If they're too high or too low, your step four will look wonky. And nobody likes a wonky unbatz.


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  1. Cool pattern! I missed this when you posted it. I just added it to my pile. I'll have to give it a try soon.

  2. Yes it does - you are too funny. So glad I found your site - you do a nice job.

  3. love this. thanks for posting the instructions :)

  4. Lovely pattern, Sandy, and some great variations. I love how you've displayed the variations in such a gorgeous design. Also, exploring your blog, I really like the way that you don't just give the step-outs, but you also give specific instructions and pitfalls to look out for. Really cool. Thank you!

  5. "Nobody likes a wonky unbatz" - !!! Ha ha ha! I can only second that sentiment!

  6. Thanks for a new fun Tangle.

  7. thanks, sandy, I will include this in next week's tangles on Zentangle All Around <3


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