Sunday, March 04, 2012


You're looking at my first zendala tile. The 21-tile tins haven't been officially released yet, but I got my paws on one at seminar. There are nine different pre-string round tiles (two of each design) and a few blank ones in each tin. They're a little bigger than the square tiles at just over 4.5 inches across.

Although I love the way this looks, it seems a little more like a tangle pattern sampler than freeform artwork because 1) the spaces between the strings are so small and 2) there are a LOT of spaces to fill. Compared to a square tile you'd probably put five or six patterns on at most, this one's got 37. Because it's so structured and the gaps between the strings are so small, I didn't feel compelled to 'color outside the lines' to make it more artsy. They are still beautiful and fun to tangle... but you're definitely not going to get through this one on your lunch break. :o)

I've mailed out twelve blank zendala tiles to some of my fellow tanglers. Once I get photos of all of them I'll post the collage here so you can see how widely varied and utterly amazing they are. One of them is even on its way to the Netherlands! Exciting.

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